How to Use Direct Marketing

Direct marketing can be very effective since it allows companies and businesses to pinpoint their customers directly and deliver a complete presentation about their brand, products and services. Companies can identify their customers easily with the help of a business database that can include mailing lists, telemarketing lists and marketing lists.

Although direct marketing is very effective but if it’s not done properly, it can cost you dearly. This is why it is important that you plan your campaigns and strategies thoughtfully. There are three strategies that are cost effective in direct marketing and they are discussed below.

Be persistent in contacting your clients

If you want to send mails, emails, newsletters or sales letters to your customers in your mailing lists and want to make sure that you get a response, you need to be persistent. Companies should not hesitate when it comes to using the same mailing lists to send the same message with some variation again. This is because many customers may forget the ad or they may have misplaced it.

meteor_mailThis strategy works well when you communicate with the right people in your database. One important question many companies may have with this strategy is, how often should we send the similar ad to the same customers on the list? Well, sending the repeated ads all the time can be annoying, which is why every 3 to 4 months companies should remind their customers. However, it is recommended to analyze the response time in order to determine the best frequency for sending the same messages again.

Send a series of mail to the same people

Another strategy that is useful in direct marketing is sending a series of mail to the same people. For this to work and be cost effective, it is important that your mailing list consist of targeted customers that will act once they get your mail.
Your first mail can highlight the major benefits of the products or services you are offering. The second mail can be about other benefits and new information and so forth. This way you can attract customers to purchase the product or service over a prolonged period of time without having to communicate the same message over and over. Be sure to give your customers a reason to respond by a call to action.

Mail Post Cards in series

omnichannel-mktg-e1432228325133This is another strategy to attract customers to your products and services by making custom designed post cards. For example if you are making outdoor decking, you can send a card to the neighbours apologising for the noise whilst you are working. The second card could be sent once the project is completed, thanking them for their understanding and offer your services at the same time.

Direct marketing is very profitable and effective if done properly. With the help of these strategies, a business database and mailing lists, companies can come up with cost effective ways to market their products and services.